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Benefits of Spring Duct Cleaning

Spring is a time of beauty, rebirth, and not getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. It is a wonderful season – even if we do have to spend much of it cleaning our homes.


Don’t overlook the dirt you can’t see. If it’s been three to seven years since you’ve had them cleaned, choose this spring to freshen up your ventilation ducts. It will remove all the dirt, dust, dander and other debris from your ducts before air conditioner weather arrives, which will pay off in improved air quality and increased savings.


Improved Air Quality


If you live in the beautiful Midwest, then you probably don’t open your windows very often during the winter. While that is a smart move, it does mean less fresh air enters your home – and less polluted air exits it.


Dust is mostly made of dead hair and skin cells, dust mites (alive and dead), dirt, plastic particles and clothing fibers. It’s inevitably going to wind up inside your ducts, but even more dust will accumulate there when it can’t escape outdoors. Unless you clean your ducts each spring, you’ll wind up breathing in months-old dust every time your AC kicks in.


Dirty ducts can also contain living irritants. Moisture commonly accumulates inside ducts. In addition to warm air and dust, that’s all mold needs to start growing and releasing spores. If you have asthma or a mold allergy – or you just aren’t fond of the idea of inhaling fungal particles – then spring duct cleaning is an absolute must. And don’t forget: mold can grow inside your dryer vent, too!


Increased Savings


An AC has to spend much of the summer pushing cool air through the ducts. When a duct is dirty, it becomes narrower. Its interior walls also become rougher, which causes friction whenever air blows across them. The result? The AC has to work harder to push air through the ducts, and consumes more energy in the process.


You won’t just pay lower electricity bills thanks to duct cleaning. You’ll also save money on AC repair. The harder an AC has to work, the faster its moving parts wear down. And if dust gets pulled into the AC unit itself, the buildup will only accelerate deterioration even further. Duct cleaning can save you from having to stew in your home after a sudden mechanical breakdown.


No amount of duct cleaning can extend an AC’s lifespan indefinitely. But if you have your ducts cleaned regularly, you can rest assured you’re doing a lot to help your current AC last longer. You may just reduce the total number of AC units you have to buy during your own lifespan. That’s guaranteed to make your time here on earth just a little bit better.


Has it been three to seven years since your last duct cleaning? Then it’s time to contact Dan’s Drain & Duct Cleaning. We’re proud to help people breathe easier and save money throughout the greater Sioux Falls and Beresford, SD areas. You’ll be glad you included us in your spring cleaning!

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