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The Role of Duct Cleaning in Allergy and Asthma Relief

More than a quarter of Americans have at least one allergy. More than 25 million Americans have asthma as well. In other words, many people are looking for ways they can breathe easier – especially while they’re trying to enjoy the comfort of their own home.


Are you looking for ways to reduce your exposure to irritants that can trigger an allergic reaction or asthma attack? Then one of the best things you can do is clean your HVAC system’s ventilation ducts. That’s because indoor air typically contains two to five times more pollutants than outdoor air – a reality which isn’t improved by the fact that the average American now spends approximately 90% of their time indoors.


Which Kinds of Irritants Can Accumulate Inside Air Ducts?


If a contaminant can become airborne, then it can also accumulate inside ventilation ducts. The following are just a few of the irritants that can exacerbate allergies or asthma symptoms!


  • Dust Dust is predominantly composed of dead skin cells, dust mites, and other fine particles. The average household collects up to 40 pounds of dust in a single year – much of which gets trapped inside its ducts. That makes dusty ducts and vents a big problem if you’re one of 10% of the world’s population who is allergic to dust mites.


  • Mold – Have you noticed a musty odor emanating from your vents, soot-like dust around your furnace’s air handler, or seemingly inexplicable allergy symptoms? Then take care, because those are all signs that mold has colonized the interior of your ducts. Reducing your home’s humidity level can prevent mold from spreading and emitting spores, but duct cleaning can remove the noxious fungus completely.


  • Pollen – Ryegrass. Ragweed. Sagebrush. Oak, birch, and willow. South Dakota is filled with plants that release irritating pollen into the air each year. A single cluster of maple tree flowers can produce over 400,000 grains of pollen in a single spring! And thanks to your home’s windows and central air conditioning unit, many of those plant particles are destined to settle inside your ducts.


  • Pet dander – You love your furry pal, and the feeling is most assuredly mutual. But just like you, your dog or cat can’t help shedding dead skin cells every day. Pet dander is a common allergen that causes sneezing, itching and runny nose. In high enough concentrations, it can even cause a life-threatening asthma attack. You’d never dream of getting rid of your best friend. Fortunately, duct cleaning is an effective solution to minimizing your exposure to their dander.


Breathe Easy With Dan’s Drain & Duct Cleaning


Don’t let dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, and other irritants that commonly gather inside ventilation ducts compromise the comfort of your own home. If you live in the greater Sioux Falls or Beresford, SD area, all you have to do is contact Dan’s Drain & Duct Cleaning today! Our comprehensive duct cleaning service will massively reduce the amount of pollutants that enter your respiratory system, as well as help your HVAC units operate more efficiently and last longer.


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