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Keeping Your Home Warm and Clean: The Role of Duct Cleaning in Winter

There are many ways to get ready for winter in the Midwest. You can get snow tires for your car. A warmer coat for yourself. A bigger TV for your living room. Or you can just get plane tickets to Hawaii.


But of all the ways you can prepare for cold weather, none pays off better than duct cleaning. A bold claim, we know, but true! Duct cleaning before or even during winter will keep you more comfortable. It will keep your family in a healthier living environment. And best of all, it will keep more of your money right where it belongs: in your pocket.


This winter, don’t board a red-eye to Honolulu. Stay right here in South Dakota where you can appreciate all the benefits of clean HVAC ducts instead!


Better Indoor Air Quality

No one is recommending that you keep your windows open all winter for ventilation purposes. But you will pay a price for battening down the hatches during the colder months: stagnant air. Dust, dirt, dander, mold spores, and other irritants which are normally prevalent inside your home will become even more highly concentrated there during winter. Many of them will settle within your air ducts, which means every time the furnace turns on – whoosh – pollutants blown all over your home.


Greater Comfort

When dust and other debris settle inside ducts, they create obstructions. That prevents the HVAC system from distributing heated air as it is designed to, which can lead to hot spots and cold spots alike. The solution is simple: remove the dust, eliminate the obstructions, and keep the air flowing freely.


Improved HVAC Efficiency

Obstructed ducts hinder an HVAC system’s effectiveness in more ways than one. When dust and debris accumulate on the interior walls of a duct, they constrict it. Just like a heart pumping blood through constricted arteries, so too does a furnace have to work harder when its ducts are constricted. Dust can also get sucked out of your ducts and into your furnace’s blower motor, which only worsens the HVAC system’s efficiency even further.


Longer-Lasting Furnace

It would be great if furnaces could only lose efficiency as the result of dirty ductwork. But as anyone who has worked with machinery already knows, reduced efficiency and accelerated wear and tear always go together. The dustier and dirtier your furnace’s moving parts become, the faster they will wear out and require replacement. In addition to regularly changing its air filter, the best way you can help extend your furnace’s lifespan is by having your ducts cleaned every three to seven years.


It’s never the wrong time of year to reap all the benefits of professional duct cleaning!

If your home in the greater Sioux Falls or Beresford, SD area has dirty ductwork, then we welcome you to contact Dan’s Drain & Duct Cleaning today. We’ll help you stay comfier, healthier and wealthier all winter long!

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